When the world thinks of plastic films, it thinks of PET.
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AMPEF North America Standardized Packaging and Return Program

The AMPEF North America member companies would like to work with you to:

Collectively, we support and are striving for standardized PET film packaging components and improved packaging recycle rates.

Each of the AMPEF member companies has a return program that can provide you with a no- or low-cost means of recycling most of your PET film packaging components. We do this in a manner that minimizes the effort on your part, as well as minimizes the environmental and economic cost of land filling.

Our members work with recyclers and each other to collect and redistribute packaging components in a manner consistent with the needs of our customers. It is our hope that an improvement in the return rates will lead to a higher degree of component standardization that will justify the design of a more durable, reusable package.


AMPEF now has recommended component sizes for pallets and end flanges. We intend for each PET film producer to review their own component size requirements and implement recommended sizes on their own timetable, if they are consistent with customer needs.

Included is a model outlining the flow of packaging from PET film producers to customers and back through the recycling network. This returnable packaging program is controlled by the AMPEF member companies, who originally supply the film and packaging, to help you as our customers use our film even more effectively.

If you are not currently participating in a PET film packaging return program, we encourage you to contact your supplier to take advantage of this offering. Your supplier will evaluate your volume and situation, and tailor a program to your needs.

In addition, you can access information about AMPEF member companies through their profile sheets on this website, or via the links to their web pages.

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