PET Recycling

PET is very recyclable. It helps reduce waste and conserve natural resources. PET makes a positive contribution to our daily lives—from the clothes we wear to protection for the food we eat.

Probably the most recognized product made from PET is the two-liter soda pop bottle.

Each year, almost one billion pounds of PET is sent to local and regional recycling programs from curbside collection. This "Post Consumer Recycled" (PCR) material is then cleaned and sent back through the manufacturing process where it is converted into new products for use.

PET is also recycled or recovered during manufacturing operations. Edge trim, off-cuts, manufacturing scrap, etc., are reclaimed. This is referred to as Post Industrial recycling.

In addition to these methods of PET recovery and reuse, scrap PET can be converted into "fiber" and used for insulation in coats and as fill in seat cushions and pillows, etc.

PET can even be reduced to its original raw materials through a depolymerization process.