Compared to other polymeric films at a standard thickness of 1mil, PET film has a good balance of properties, which allows larger operating windows for temperature and tension controls.

Comparative data reflected in this chart represent typical film properties, not specifications. Contact AMPEF member companies for product specifications.

Specific Gravity
PET film is denser than other polymeric films, but can be used in thinner gauges.

PET film is comparable to other polymeric films.

Melt Point
PET film withstands high processing temperatures.

Tensile Strength
PET film is excellent for high-tension conversion processes and durable packages.

Tear Strength
PET film packages and constructions are highly durable.

Oxygen Permeability
PET film offers an excellent oxygen barrier compared to other polymeric films.

Water Vapor T R
PET film offers a suitable water barrier compared to other polymeric films and can easily be metallized for applications demanding higher water barrier performance.

Water Absorption
Water absorption is not an issue for the processing or converting of PET film.

Insulation Breakdown/Dielectric
Constant PET film is excellent for wire and cable insulation, and electrical assembly.

Service Temperature Range
PET has the highest service, and is fully to -70C°