When the world thinks of plastic films, it thinks of PET.

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Polyester Film Features and Benefits

Biaxially oriented PET film (BOPET) is used successfully in a wide range of applications, due to its excellent combination of optical, physical, mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties, as well as its unique versatility.

PET film can also be modified:

A wide range of chemical treatments (in addition to corona) can be applied to PET film during its manufacture to help it adhere to various coatings, such as inks, adhesives, metalization, etc. Surface treatments can also be applied to incorporate properties like surface-slip and anti-static. Yet another approach is coextrusion, where different polyester layers are combined to obtain properties like built-in heat sealability, rough surface with high clarity, etc.

In addition to its versatility in properties and applications, PET film is
also among the most environmentally friendly materials offered.
Hundreds of film grades are currently available to meet your needs.

Polyester Film Comparative Properties
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