When the world thinks of plastic films, it thinks of PET.

Polyester Film Applications

Packaging: Food packaging general uses, film for flexible pouches, peel-able seals, lids, snacks, barrier films, can laminations, and vacuum insulation panels

Industrial & Specialties: Hot stamping foil, release films, photo resist films, metallic yarns, adhesive tapes, plastic cards (including "smart" cards), labels, lamination films, brightness enhancement films (computer screens), solar/safety window films, medical test strips, and miscellaneous uses

Electrical: Motor wire and cable, transformer insulation films, capacitors, thermal printing tapes, membrane touch switches (computer and calculator keyboards), and flexible printed circuit films

Microfilm, printing and pre-press films,color proofing, printing plates, drawing office drafting film, overhead transparencies, X-ray films, instant photos, business graphics, and wide format displays

Magnetics: Videotape, audio cassette tape, floppy disks, and advanced high-density computer storage media


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